Original 1 - the portfolio site of portrait artist and designer Stephen Cooper

oil painting-group portrait

Stephen's portrait paintings may look highly finished, but close up they reveal a loose yet figurative style that offers a unique capture from the artist's perspective; although photographs form a part of the reference process, an additional layer of interpretation significantly stands out.

I strive to learn with each portrait, producing work that I am proud to exhibit.''
I work on my portraits in a particular order, building the canvas up in sections - and only moving on to each section when I'm fully satisfied with the quality. This builds up to a point where I almost always finish with the face and hair; which to me is the most enjoyable phase of any portrait work.''

No lengthy sittings for portraits

No lengthy sittings for portraits, usually just one session for photographic references required, providing convenience for the busy or self conscious sitter. Stephen takes all his own photographs to work from as he embraces the use of both digital and traditional references.